What is the Accreditation Process?

The process of accreditation against the Specialist Quality Mark will involve a visit to your firm by one of our qualified Auditors in order to benchmark the service being provided against the requirements of the Standard. Your Auditor will undertake interviews with selected staff, a review of your Quality Procedures manual, and review a sample of client case files. Once accredited, a further audit will be required every 3 years, to ensure that the standard of service required in being maintained.

In addition to the formal site visit, if you are applying for the first time, a desktop audit will also be conducted in advance of the site visit. This first stage will result in provisional status as a Quality Mark holder, and will be supported by a further visit within 12 months, when you will be upgraded to a full holder.

How do I apply?

Send Application Form Manually

You can download and complete the application form below:

Download the SQM application form

and send your completed application form to:

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Please read the Terms and Conditions of SQM Audit

Download Terms and Conditions of SQM Audit